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Before & After

Before and After - Silver Fillings


Silver fillings unfortunately expand more than natural tooth structure does when exposed to hot drinks or food.
Over time this causes significant fracturing to occur within the tooth. These lead to an eventual breaking of the cusp or in worse
situations, to teeth that break so badly that they need a root canal or even extraction.

To avoid this situation you can remove the
unsightly silver fillings with beautiful white porcelain onlays or inlays. These are
guaranteed for at least 5 years!
The porcelain expands like natural tooth structure so further breakdown of the tooth will not occur.

Before and After - Active Retainers

Active Retainer

Before using retainer

After using retainer

Adults frequently get some minor crowding of their anterior teeth. This usually occurs due to two different reasons. First, not wearing a retainer from when you first got braces allows them to relapse a little from their perfect position that the braces put them in. Secondly, some adults have a mild persistant growth of their lower jaw. This extension of the jaw creates a lack of space for the teeth and they get pushed back into a crowded position. The good news is that in many cases instead of doing braces or Invisalign, you can do it much cheaper with an Active Spring Retainer. This retainer has a spring that will put selective pressure where needed to move the teeth back into their correct position. It usually only takes about six months too!

Clear Braces - Invisalign

Replace old fillings with strong white porcelain

Cover broken, dark or chipped teeth with veneers





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