A Root Canal Can Stop Tooth Decay And Save Your Tooth

A Root Canal Can Stop Tooth Decay And Save Your Tooth

January 4, 2022


Apart from cavities, tooth decay can cause more severe problems like affecting the innermost parts of the tooth, including the pulp and root canals. When this happens, a dental care team will have to do more than drill and fill your tooth. Without proper and early care, you may lose the tooth.

Root canal treatment is a procedure for removing infections present in the tooth, preserving the tooth from re-infection. The treatment saves the tooth and stops the pain that infected nerves in the tooth pulp and root canals cause.

It is a popular belief that root canal treatments are painful. However, this is not so. During a root canal procedure, a Snoqualmie dentist will administer an anesthetic to numb you to the pain.

Although a dentist can perform root canal treatments, you’ll have to visit a dental office to see an endodontist if you have more extensive decay. Endodontists specialize in root canal treatments, and they have advanced equipment and techniques for handling complex cases.

A root canal procedure involves completely removing the diseased tissue in the tooth and sealing it with a dental filling to prevent re-infection. During the procedure, your dentist will access the diseased pulp by drilling a hole on the biting surface of a tooth. Afterward, the dentist will remove the infected tissue and clean the space with an antibacterial solution for disinfection. The next step involves filling the hole with adhesive cement to prevent bacteria from re-entering the tooth. Furthermore, the dentist will place a dental crown on the tooth for further protection and to enhance the tooth’s appearance.

Summarily, a root canal preserves a decayed tooth, improving your oral health.

How To Know If You Need A Root Canal Treatment

You’ll need a root canal treatment if you have tooth decay. When you need a root canal treatment, symptoms include severe toothache, especially when you chew or apply pressure to your teeth. Also, sensitivity to hot or cold foods or drinks may indicate an infected tooth root. If you also notice the darkening of teeth, swollen or tender gums, and persistent pimples on your gums, then you’ll need a root canal treatment.

Can A Root Canal Treatment Stop Tooth Decay And Save The Tooth?

A root canal therapy can remove the infection in a tooth root, preventing further decay. Although the treatment makes your tooth fragile, a Snoqualmie dentist will place a crown on the tooth to make it stronger.

How To Prevent Tooth Decay

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is essential in preventing tooth decay. Tips for preventing tooth decay include;

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, especially after eating. It would be best if you also used floss once a day to remove the debris between your teeth.
  • Using a fluoride mouth rinse to rinse your mouth. Your dentist will recommend this if you are at risk of developing cavities.
  • Visiting a dental office regularly for dental examinations and professional teeth cleaning. Doing this helps your dentist discover and treat problems early before they become severe.
  • Avoid frequent snacking and drinking of sugary foods and beverages.
  • Eating healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables to increase saliva flow, washing away food particles
  • Getting fluoride treatments


Root canal therapy is ideal for removing infections in a tooth root and preventing further decay. If you have increased tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods, swollen and tender gums, severe toothache, and tooth discoloration, you should visit a dental care team for appropriate treatment.

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