How to React When a Dental Emergency Occurs?

How to React When a Dental Emergency Occurs?

September 1, 2021

Dental emergencies can occur in various forms. Some troubles require prompt attention within a limited period, making it necessary for you to get to an emergency dentist at the earliest. Dental emergencies can occur to the soft tissue in your mouth and your teeth, causing immense stress and anxiety.

Your first thought when confronting a dental emergency is usually to panic, thinking about the financial implications of the problem and the consequences of the crisis. It is the one moment in your life when you feel visiting the dental office near you is a requirement you cannot ignore but still let dental phobia and other concerns overcome you and try to find ways of avoiding the visit.

While your thinking is justified, you must understand delaying the treatment or trying to avoid treatment only heaps more trouble on you because the dental issue concerning you won’t heal by itself because it needs help from the dentist near me to provide appropriate treatment. Most dental emergencies can wait for some time but inevitably need treatment from your dentist as soon as possible to ensure the problem in your tooth or gums don’t aggravate.

How to Guard against Severe Dental Emergencies?

Whether you encounter a minor or severe dental emergency, you must remain calm with information that emergency dentists are available to treat the situation bothering you. Of course, as mentioned earlier, some problems need prompt treatment, while others can wait until you can get to your regular dentist for treatment. Let us look at different types of emergencies that need treatments promptly and the ones that can wait for a couple of days.

A Tooth Abscess

Tooth abscesses occur if you have an untreated dental cavity in your tooth. As the cavity spreads and reaches the pulp of your tooth, you develop a pocket of pus known as the abscess near the roots of your tooth, leaving a foul taste in your mouth.

You can experience a consistent throbbing toothache with fever and lousy-smelling breath besides swelling to your gums, jaw, and face. A tooth abscess is a bacterial infection that won’t heal itself and, if left untreated, spreads to other parts of your head and neck besides your bloodstream.

You can experience the symptoms of a tooth abscess without experiencing any dental trauma because the tooth decay has penetrated all the way to reach the center of your tooth, the pulp. However, this infection is life threatening and needs prompt attention from the dentist in Snoqualmie to drain the abscess and receive antibiotics to control the disease. After a visit to the Snoqualmie dentist, you must schedule an appointment with your dentist to have the tooth diagnosed and undergo endodontic treatment as necessary.

Knocked-out Tooth

Your tooth can get knocked out when playing sports or getting involved in accidents. Knocked-out teeth require immediate attention within 30 minutes if you want to have the tooth reinserted into its socket. Chances of the insertion decrease after 30 minutes bringing upon you the need to search for replacement solutions. What can you do if you encounter a knocked-out tooth? First of all, stay calm and pick up the tooth holding it by the crown and not the roots. Next, rinse the tooth in water without scrubbing the roots and try to place it back in its socket. If you fail to do so, grab a tiny milk container to place the tooth and contact your dentist right away.

If you cannot reach your dentist or the professional is not available to treat you, contact the dental clinic in Snoqualmie for advice. The professionals at the clinic will instruct you to rinse your mouth in warm water and apply a cold compress to the office to prevent swelling. They also ask you to get to the dental office immediately to ensure they can reinsert the tooth back into its position. Unfortunately, if you cannot reach the dentist’s office within the specified time, you can have a replacement with a dental implant appearing and feeling like your natural tooth.

Dental Emergencies Not Requiring Prompt Treatment

Not every dental issue needs help from emergency dentists. Many problems like a minor toothache, painless chipped or cracked teeth, loose fillings or crowns, et cetera need urgent dental care from your dentist without requiring visits to emergency dentistry late in the evening or during the day. These emergencies can even wait for a couple of days until they receive treatment so long as you don’t believe the issue has been resolved by itself.

When facing dental emergencies, you need to act with calmness and not panic. Remember, emergency dentists are always available to treat any dental issue, minor or significant. It is your responsibility to recognize the dental problem bothering you and decide appropriately whether you need emergency dental treatment or can wait to see your regular dentist.

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