National Gum Care Month: Things to Know about It

National Gum Care Month: Things to Know about It

September 1, 2022

Gum disease is the main reason for adult tooth loss in America. Adults between 20 and 29 have lost at least one tooth, 40 to 49-year-old adults have lost four teeth, and the elderly over 60 missing eight teeth because of gum disease.


The National gum care month arrives in September in America, with 67 million adults affected by varying degrees of gum disease. Unfortunately, people visiting dentists for annual checkups neglect to get the problem addressed. Before September arrives, we hope you will spare some time to ensure your family’s dental health by checking with the Snoqualmie dentist to avoid the unpleasant consequences of this silent epidemic.


Gum Disease Explained


Gum disease exists in two forms in your mouth and is caused by a bacterial infection in your gums. Gingivitis and periodontitis, as they are called, are the two varieties, with gingivitis assuming mild proportions and periodontitis being the aggressive version. If gingivitis causes gum pain and bleeding, it can progress to aggressive periodontitis if left untreated.


Does gum disease matter? It should be because periodontitis is America’s primary cause of adult tooth loss. Tooth loss doesn’t just impact the smile but also affects the overall health of the individual experiencing tooth loss from this condition. Missing teeth also burden you with considerable expenditure for replacement solutions that cost an arm and a leg.


If you notice bleeding gums or mouth sores, pain in the gums, or a sour taste in your mouth, you must decide to visit the dental office in Snoqualmie to have the condition assessed by the dentist.


If you receive prompt gum disease treatment from the dental practice, you prevent significant problems later by halting the progress of the disease to aggressive periodontitis.


The Chronic Consequences of Gum Disease


Periodontitis is a more severe condition than it appears and can affect you in different forms. The situation arising as aggressive periodontitis results in rapid gum recession during the early stages in the young due to vitamin depletion. However, a trajectory exists in chronic periodontitis when people may experience rapid disease progression with periods of remission by itself or because of dental intervention.


The problem with periodontitis is challenging not merely for aesthetic purposes or functional because it is easier to retain your natural teeth and prevent considerable expenditure on replacements. Gum disease is also systemic and is related to the immune system’s response to the bacteria that can have severe consequences on your overall health. Taking the gum care you need from the dentist in Snoqualmie helps protect against systemic inflammatory conditions like diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and heart disease.


Caring for Your Only Mouth


Gum disease is entirely preventable by maintaining excellent dental hygiene and a nutritious diet. If left untreated, gum disease leaves you neither teeth nor the ability to have a healthy diet as it causes tooth loss, making you spend more money on replacements than essential needs. Therefore if you have a record of gum disease or periodontitis, consult your dentist right away to receive recommendations to invest in appropriate tools to help clean bacteria from your teeth, below the gum line, and your tongue effectively.


Your mouth indicates it is unhealthy if you notice bleeding gums. Do not stop flossing when you notice bleeding but continue doing so for a week to see how you react. If your gums bleed after flossing daily, you can safely assume that your gums are unwell and need treatment from a dental professional. Schedule your appointment with the dentist in Snoqualmie requesting measures to help stop bleeding gums, gum recession, and bone loss. The dentist identifies the harmful bacteria causing the problem to help you stabilize them by conducting lab tests to analyze your saliva because the microorganisms are invisible to the naked eye.


With over 50 percent of Americans suffering from gum disease, would you consider waiting until September to look after your gums? Instead, you benefit better by scheduling a visit to your dentist and observing National gum care month when it arrives, showing off your healthy gums. If you have kids take this opportunity to review their dental hygiene routines, emphasizing the importance of daily care for their oral health because no one can attract infections or sicknesses with a clean mouth.


Snoqualmie Falls Dental emphasizes maintaining healthy teeth and gums to prevent the severe consequences of gingivitis or aggressive periodontitis. If your gums on that of your family bleed, kindly schedule a visit to the practice for an evaluation to ensure your gums are healthy before September.

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