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Giving Back

Service work

Our office does several things each year to give back to our community.

  • Once a year we do a Free Dental day. This focuses on providing free dental work to people in need in our community. mainly children that otherwise wouldn’t get dental work done or families in very difficult financial situations. This brings us a lot of satisfaction to see the happy faces and gets lots of appreciative hugs from those we help!
  • Dr. Calderwood often does small procedures for free that are part of a bigger treatment. For example, people often chip a tooth inbetween cleanings. Instead of charging for a tooth repair to do this, he often takes the time to smooth out the chip for free. Rather than nickle and dime his patients he feels that they will appreciate these small tokens of gratitude and that brings him happiness in his dental work.
  • During each academic year, our office chooses three charitable donations (see below for application). The office usually does 2 school sponsorships and one service mission trip from someone in the community.

Charitable Requests

If you would like to apply for one of the three charitable donations that our office does, please fill out the following application. We choose three applications an academic year so get in your requests early. If we have already chosen our three for the year we will keep your application for the next year’s three slots. Either drop the completed application off at our office or send it to us via one of our contact methods found on our contact page or on the bottom of the application.

Charitable Request Form. (Save to your computer and open in an PDF editor to fill in the form on your computer or print out to do with a pen/pencil.)

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