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New Patient Information


At Snoqualmie Falls Dental we focus on using technology and customer service to simplify your life. We understand how busy schedules can get for families. We also know that for many people, coming to the dental office can be a scary experience. Our efforts help ensure that your visit is as comfortable and effortless as possible. If there is ever any way that we can make it better, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Patient Forms

To help you with your busy schedule you can complete the New Patient documents online through a HIPAA compliant app or through text/email attachment to a HIPAA compliant web portal. The sooner we get your information the sooner we’ll be able to verify your insurance to give you more accurate estimates on any work you may need done.

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— documents for your reference or to be filled out if requested—

HIPAA Notice
Financial Policy
Records Authorization Release

* – If PDF doesn’t have the ability to enter text while viewing in your web browser, download it and open in the Adobe Acrobat standalone program (not within browser).
HIPAA Model Notices – Get more info about HIPAA rights for you as a patient.

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