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Feel free to call and schedule a visit with Dr. C or a personal tour of the office. We know that choosing a dentist is a very personal decision. We also understand your desire to choose an office that you can stay with throughout the years to come.

Kids Room

Now you and your entire family can relax when coming to the dental office. We have created this new kids area not only for entertaining, but also to help kids become less scared while building trust in their dentist. No more need to worry about what your kids are up to in the waiting room, instead, let them play on the Nintendo Wii or DS, read books, draw on the dry erase wall, sit at our coloring desk or simply just play with toys! No more need to spend money on a sitter when they will have fun here!

New reception room with kid’s room entrance

Kid’s Only Entrance!

Whiteboard Wall

Drawing Station

Wii/DVD Station

Office Design & Decor

One of the few positives to our three year delay in construction was that we could spend a lot of time designing our office. We were able to methodically choose the placement of every wall. This allowed us to have a very ergonomic and stylish office with out the price tag that usually comes with those benefits. My wife and I spent hours combing the web for stylish decorations at a cheap price. This allows us to have a nice office, but keep still keep our treatment costs low for you!

View from your chair

You don’t have to worry about people walking by and eyeing you in the dental chair like a fish in a bowl. Our second story office allows you to be off the ground level, plus all the treatment rooms are on the side of the building with the best view in the valley. Enjoy these relaxing veiws during your dental appointment.

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