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Bleaching Sensitivity

Having sensitivity with your bleaching? Try the following. They are given in order of effectiveness.

– Make sure you are not putting too much bleach in the trays. This causes excessive bleach to come out of the trays and onto your gums.
– Spread your bleaching out over time. Rather than bleach every day for two weeks, bleach every other day for four weeks or every third day. Your bleaching effectiveness will not decrease.
– Buy some antisensitivity toothpaste, such as Sensodyne. The first benefit comes from just brushing with the sensitivity toothpaste. The second benefit can come from placing some of the toothpaste in your whitening trays. Then put the trays in your mouth as if you were doing whitening with the toothpaste and leave it in there for an hour or two. This will make a big difference for you. Rinse and place whitening gel in trays and do days whitening treatment immediately.
– If the over the counter sensitivity toothpaste is not strong enough, you can purchase a prescription strength through our office. Call or drop by when we are open to pick it up.

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