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Make your smile something to be proud of!

Enhance your self image and gain the confidence that will allow you to take your life, relationships or career to the next level

  • Bleaching – We have started to offer what is known as the world’s best bleaching system, bar none! Having bleaching sensitivity? Our Kor system comes with a desensitizer.  Whiten dark teeth, take 40 years of stain off in 2 weeks. Many people ask if teeth whitening can adversely effect their teeth. Studies have been done where people with severe Tetracycline staining have done bleaching every night for 9 months. These studies show that no significant dissolution of enamel occurred. Most people will bleach for 2 weeks. This short length of contact between teeth and bleach is insignificant when compared to the long 6 to 9 month overnight bleachings done in these studies.
  • Invisalign – clear braces to straighten crooked teeth, improve bite, decrease wear, close unsightly spaces
  • Replace missing teeth – Many options to do this: implants, bridge, partial denture metal, partial denture plastic
  • New Crowns or Veneers – Correct minor gaps and tooth positions; cover ugly dark or broken teeth
  • Replace Crowns/Veneers – replace old style metal/porcelain crowns with modern all porcelain crowns for a more natural looking smile
  • Onlays/inlays – replace old silver fillings (that unfortunately expand more than natural tooth structure when in contact with hot food or drink, and therefore cause the tooth to break down over time) with all porcelain restorations that expand like teeth and don’t cause your teeth to break down and turn dark over time

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Make your smile something to be proud of! – Enhance your self im...

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