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Kor Whitening System

Before and After Images whitening example bleaching example bleach teeth

Why did we not offer this before?
Because it was by far the best whitening system available, the cost was quite high. Most offices charged over $1000 for the procedure! We did not feel that we would have enough desire from our patients to offer it and do everything involved in delivering it to only a few patients. Recently, the price has been significantly lowered, almost in half.

What makes is so great?
There are two things that make this system the best 1-the whitening agent is delivered in cold packaging and kept cold in our office. By keeping the material always cold, it doesn’t break down and lose its potency. Other companies use more temperature stable chemicals to avoid this problem, but that makes the material not bleach as well and it causes more sensitivity. 2-extreme detail is used in making the trays. They will be much better than previous trays that you have had. This creates a tight seal at the gum line keeping saliva out. Saliva quickly deactivates the bleach. Therfore, by keeping the material cold and saliva out, you get at least 2x the bleaching power with this system!

Whitening Instructions

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