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At Snoqualmie Falls Dental, we have embraced technology as a critical component of our service delivery. We’re always interested and happy to invest in dental technology that supports and streamlines our treatment processes. Our primary priority is to enhance safety and efficiency and pass this on to our valued patients, thus guaranteeing a memorable experience every time.

Our advanced dental technology includes:

Digital X-Rays

Low-radiation digital x-rays are a massive leap from traditional dental x-rays. Digital x-rays expose patients to remarkably less radiation, are easily shareable, and don’t require processing via chemicals and film. Thanks to digital x-rays, our dentists in Snoqualmie, WA, can obtain clear, accurate, and precise images of your oral cavity tissues, which enrich the treatment planning phase.

Laser Dentistry

If dental drills and needles leave you feeling apprehensive, then you’ll love laser dentistry. Laser dentistry utilizes focused light energy to treat various dental conditions, including cavities, gum disease, and whiten discolored teeth. Laser dentistry is virtually painless. In many cases, anesthesia isn’t required. Some key benefits of laser dentistry include minimal bleeding and swelling and faster healing and recovery.

Patients who feel anxious when faced with needles, dental drills, and scalpels often have an easier time with laser dentistry.

Advanced Sterilization

Disease-causing pathogens can linger in the air and on dental equipment, resulting in cross-contamination. At Snoqualmie Falls Dental, we rely on advanced sterilization mechanisms to eliminate disease-causing microbes in our shared spares and equipment. We sterilize our dental equipment after every use and rely on medical-grade air filters to keep our premises clean, fresh and sterile.

Water System with Inbuilt Distillation

Rather than plumbing our entire office with water directly from the city water system, we use individual water lines in each operatory. Furthermore, this water is sterilized and cleaned through a distillation process. Both of these measures work to prevent bacteria build-up.

Bacteria build-up is a common issue, especially in shared water lines. Also, the design of dental equipment often encourages water stagnation. The bacteria from such systems can pose a health risk to patients, especially during surgical procedures. Thanks to our forward-thinking approach and innovative water system, you don’t have to worry about dangerous bacteria lingering in your mouth during and after treatment.

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