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Dr. Calderwood's Awards and Accomplishments

Early in his career Dr Calderwood was passionate about Dental Continuing Education.  He really loved to learn as much as possible about dentistry so that he could feel comfortable and confident in the advice and care he gave.  Now that he is an experienced doctor that has treated thousands of patients, he has started to bring on other dentists and help them to also grow into knowledgeable and caring providers.

Dr Calderwood cars a lot about informed consent and has written a book to help patients, whether they be his own or not, to make great informed decisions about their oral health care.

Dr. C Background

Dr Calderwood has four children and lives in West Seattle.  He says, “I love living life like our predecessors as much as possible.  Just a tight group of family and friends around a camp fire with good music and fire light.”

Meet Dr Kramer

Dr. Kramer and her dentist father

Dr. Rachel Kramer grew up in Tacoma, WA and went to Western Washington University for undergraduate school. She’s also a proud graduate of the University of Washington School of Dentistry. She and her husband Kevin enjoy many outdoor hobbies like hiking, soccer, and tennis and she has recently started painting. She’s happy to be in the area so she can spend time with her parents, who still live in Tacoma, and her two nieces who live in Auburn. She loves the mixture of artistry and technical expertise that exists in dentistry and is committed to patient-centered dental care. She’s thrilled to become a part of the Snoqualmie Falls Dental family! 🙂

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