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I was very pleased with my appointment. The office was pleasant and clean, and and the staff was professional, efficient and friendly. The cleaning and checkup were great and I felt that Dr. Calderwood did a great job of explaining AND asking questions. I have been looking for a dentist since mine retired and I believe I have found a dentist and office that will meet my expectations. I look forward to seeing everyone again this fall.


The main comment I have is that I worried about possible pain and the experience was painless. I actually look forward to my next visit. Also, I enjoyed my conversations with everyone, I felt comfortable and well taken care of.


Thank you, I told Chris how much I enjoyed my dental work because of the movie glasses. Best experience I’ve ever had.


I hadn’t been to the dentist in 2 years and was afraid to make an appt. I had a great experience at your office. Thanks.

Rhonda O

For my first visit to your office, I was very impressed by the congeniality, explainations of how your office works and your thoroughness. Thanks so much – I’m glad I switched dentists!


[We] would like to thank you for your awesome care. WOW…you are all terrific. We SO appreciate the welcome/make you feel at home feeling. VERY RARE in a dental office…or at least the ones I have been to in all my years. I appreciate your care of [our son]. WAY better results than at Children Hospital dental. Knowing that we have someone he can get to know whom he feels safe with and walks him through everything is priceless. Thanks also for me…the added attention to my fears really put me at ease. Best wishes to your new practice and we will be sure to put the good word out.

Bob M

Having the X-rays done today was awesome. It made my apprehension and anxiety, of the visit disappear. If this had been my previous experiance, I would have done this a lot more often, instead of every 8-15 years between visits. Actually looking forward to seeing you in January.


Great, friendly staff that made me feel valued and welcomed. Your fancy technology, personal touches, and honest/flexible attitudes made me excited to come back as well as ready to recommend your practie to family and friends. Thank you!


I think this has been the most relaxed dentist appointment I have ever been on. Everyone was so nice and so informative of all the work that was being done I especially liked the sonic cleaning device. I will highly recommend your services to all I come in contact with. Thank you all for making my visit so pleasant.

V. C.

I would like to say thank you for the excellent service. You made me feel comfortable visiting a Dentist again. Kuddos to Dr. Calderwood and Staff. 5 stars for the excellent service.


I enjoyed my visit. Thank you for the personal attention. I will be back in six months!!


You guys rock, I wouldn’t change a thing.


We were all just telling “Daddy” how much he’ll like the new dental office when he goes. So happy to have chosen your practice!


Thanks for the excellent service.


We really appreciated the care you took with [our daughter] today. We liked the fact everyone was open to working with [her] and doing the extra work while we were there instead of having us come back again. This is not heard of at most dentist offices we have been to. As we shared, we are looking for a home dentist for the entire family and we like what we see so far! Thank you again and we all will be seeing you soon!


You guys great did a good job, see you at the next appointment.


My visit was great, wouldn’t change anything. If the opportunity comes up I will definitely recommend you.


Overall it was a great experience for someone not a fan of the dentist. Thanks for making me feel comfortable.


Everything was awesome!


HI EVERYONE!!!! I almost got into a car wreck because I had my mirror down and was cheesin’ at myself. Never had this much fun at a Dr. app!!!

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