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Our Advanced Technology

Technology to Improve Your Life

At Snoqualmie Falls Dental we feel that your health should come first. For that reason we do everything possible to use science for better health and a more enjoyable quality of life.

High Tech Procedures to Improve Your QUALITY OF LIFE

  • Replace old, dark crowns and silver fillings with white porcelain
  • Snoring and headache relief guards
  • Teeth whitening
  • Click HERE to see a complete list of other procedures that will help you look better and feel younger.

High Tech Procedures to Improve Your HEALTH

  • Digital X-rays: by using digital x-rays we are able to reduce the amount of exposure you receive by an amazing 90 percent!
  • Laser Dentistry: We have two different lasers that we use in our office. The first and most commonly used is a laser to detect cavities! The second is a high tech cutting device. We use it instead of scalpels for things like gum reduction surgeries. It heals faster and provides less trauma to your tissues.
  • Advanced Sterilization: We have made a concerted effort to purchase more equipment that is able to be sterilized at high temperatures.  This reduces the need for caustic sterilization sprays that can be corrosive to your lungs.
  • Water System: Rather than plumbing our entire office with water directly from the city water system, we use individual water in each operatory.  Furthermore, this water is sterilized and cleaned through a distillation process. Both of these measures help to ensure that no bacteria build
    up in the lines that can adversely affect your mouth during treatment, especially during surgical procedures. Offices that do not do this have bacteria build up in their lines that is both unhealthy and gross! Read a 20/20 report on the subject.

Technology to Improve Your Visit

  • Intraoral Camera – We take pictures of any problem that needs addressing. This helps you to actually see what the Dr. sees instead of just having
    to believe what he says. If you want a copy, just tell us and we’ll email it to you, its your dental record anyway!
  • Tablets & Free WiFi – play on an Amazon Kindle while waiting or let your children watch a video while
    getting a filling. Also, free WiFi always available in the office.

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